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Joint Replacement Stories
(Help other dancers and athletes facing joint surgery by describing your experience. Tell your story in your own words or use the Dancer Questionnaire found here.)

"Hip Replacement Barbie"
(actually a Totsy doll, made in China)
Courtesy of Madelaine Matej
Total Hip Replacement:
Toni Bentley (Ballerina, Writer)
Michael Blake (Modern dancer, Teacher)
Rudrani (Ann) Farbman Brown:Yogini with LTHR (Senior Yoga Teacher NYC)
Hilary Cartwright (Ballerina, Gyrotonics teacher)
Holly Cavrell: Bilateral THR in Brazil (Dancer, Choreographer)
Kathryn Cardy: THR Diary (Dancer/Teacher/Choreographer)
Molly Crews THR after labrum repair
Suzanne Farrell: link to 1990 interview
Melissa Freed: THR at 39 y.o. - Post labral repair (Yoga teacher)
Judith Fugate (Ballerina)
Rudy Galindo link Bilateral THR (Figure Skating Champion)
Lin Grahame: European Hip Blog(Modern Dancer) New (11/18)
Don Healy: Mountaineer Climbs Everest with THR
Helen Heineman: Bilateral Hip Story (Choreographer)
Virginia Holte: THR in Hawaii (Ballet Dancer, Gyrotonics teacher, Yogi)
Craig Revel Horwood link (Strictly Come Dancing Judge, UK)
Dee Kaltenbach: (Jazzercise Instructor)
Donna Lopiano: The Total Hip Adventure (Softball Athlete)
Iain MacDonald link THR at age 31 (Artistic Director of the South Africa Ballet Theatre)
Lois Meredith: Legs To Stand On: A Psychological Journey (Dancer, Psychologist)
Sharron Miller: link THR HSS (Ailey Dancer /Educator)
Melba Morris (Ballet Teacher) Medicare HMO Bilateral THR experience
Tony Morris: (Portrait Artist and Martial Artist)
Sallyann Mulcahy Hip-Replacement Surgery in India (Ballet-Dancer)
Bebe Neuwirth links (Broadway legend)
Gerald Otte (Modern Dancer)
Marilyn Palley: Bilateral Hip Journal (Ballroom Competitor)
Leslie Partridge (Sachs): Dancer with Avascular Necrosis
Pelé: World's Best Soccer Player of All Time
Melissa Podcasy: Through pain to triumph (Ballerina)
Naomi Rabinowitz: My Left Hip (Ballroom Dancer) 2003 - Plus anniversary follow-ups post THR
Naomi Rabinowitz: My Right Hip! (Ballroom Dancer) 2007
Elizabeth Roxas-Dobrish (Modern Dancer)
Paula Schlegel - Right THR (Jazzercise Instructor) Update: Hip Revision Surgery (06/12)
Suki Schorer link (Ballerina)
Mike Shintaku: Karate Instructor with Bilateral THR(Martial Artist)
Wayne Sleep: Link Ceramic Hip then back at the Royal Ballet (Ballet dancer)
Robin Staff (Dancer)
Angela Tower Link (Modern Dancer)
Toby Towson: The Alphabet Dancer (gymnast)
Wendy Weiss (Dancer, Businesswoman)
Lani Yap: Bilateral Hip Replacement in Indonesia (Salsa dancer)
Anterior and Posterior Approach THR Surgery:
Kevin Self: Two types of hip replacements (Ballet dancer)
Anterior Approach THR Surgery:
Peggy Berg Ceramic THR (dancer/Iyengar yoga teacher)
Marta Castellanos Hip Surgery in France (Dancer, Teacher, Choreographer)
Angeline Wolf Gloria Anterior Total Hip -Pennsylvania(Dancer/ Choreographer)
Karen Goodman Anterior Approach THR (Modern Dancer)
Marianne Jacuzzi Anterior Approach Bilateral Hips in France (dancer/yoga teacher)
Garth Libre (Ballet dancer -Undercover Officer)
Steve Minshall Anterior Approach THR Surgery (Amateur Ballroom Dancer)
Suzan Moss - Bilateral Hip Surgery with the Anterior Approach (Modern Dancer)
George Purvis: Yogi with Anterior THR
Lesley Shneier: Bilateral Anterior Approach (movement teacher)
Wendy Whelan: Labral tear repair to THR(Ballerina)
Martina Young Bilateral Hip Surgery with the Anterior Approach (Modern Dancer)
Tom Watson: Link (Golf Pro)
Darcey Bussell (Ballerina)
Marta Castellanos Resurfacing in France (Dancer, Teacher, Choreographer)
Susan Clayton Modern Dancer's Hip Resurfacing Surgery
Jeff Gaynor: Hip Resurfacing (Martial Artist and Pipe Organist)
Maina Gielgud: Bilateral Hip Resurfacing in England (Ballerina)
Wendy Kent:(link) Resurfacing in England (Riding Competitor)
Floyd Landis:(link) Tour De France winner 2006
Colby Lewis: :(link) (Texas Rangers pitcher) Hip Resurfacing in 33yo male
Steve Morrall: Hip Resurfacing in France (Tango dancer)
Jim Roxburgh: Bilateral Hip Resurfacing (Martial Artist and Triathelete)
William Starrett Bilateral Hip Resurfacing (Danseur)

Minimally Invasive THR Surgery:
Jennifer Beamer: Direct Superior Approach (Dancer, Pilates Instructor and Coach)
Jimmy Connors: Link -Jimmy Connors MIS hip surgery (Tennis Legend)
Kathleen Flanagan: Two-Incision Story (Yoga teacher, Equestrian)
Irene Velazquez: Bilateral Computer Assisted THR (Dancer)
Hip Revision Surgery:
Amy Brown - Revision Surgery for Metal On Metal Prosthesis Failure
Paula Schlegel Hip Revision Surgery for Loose Cup
Hip Preserving:
Karen Bell: Bilateral PAO (Equestrian)
Jodie Hawley: Arthroscopy
Amanda Fuller: Periacetabular osteotomy and femoral osteotomy (Teenage dancer)
Megan H. : Teenage Hip Arthroscopy
Our Elders Experience with THR:
Kenneth Bartmess (Pioneer Modern Dancer)Seeks THR
Dancer Experience with Other Joint Replacement Surgery:
Jane Kosminsky: Knee-Deep (Modern Dancer)
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